Places I Remember



The recent “tweets” on the Message Forum got me thinking about the “good old days” and memories I had of places back then.

I lived “Up the Downs” in high school, and worked at Bono Pharmacy as a soda jerk after school and on Saturday and Sunday.  Peter Bono worked there, too; he had to, his Father owned the pharmacy.  I remember a lot of classmates coming in after school for vanilla cokes, milkshakes and frappes.

The Neighborhood Pharmacy was off limits; if I wanted to go there I had to sneak in the side door so Mr. Bono wouldn’t see me.  And Balducci’s:  I couldn’t hang out on the corner because my Father worked in the Downs at Pay & Take Furniture (later to become Dudley Furniture).

Anyone ever eat at Walsh’s?  I thought it was just a bar.

Remember the A & P, where we shopped for groceries?  And what was the name of the five and dime store?  McClennan’s???  I remember that Rich McNeice worked there…Rich, did you also work at Bono’s?  And I thought Richie Mosca worked at the A&P, but I may be wrong. 

How about Kennedys for cheese and peanut butter?  Even though I didn’t drink it then, the aroma of coffee was heaven.  I remember going to the fish store Friday nights to pick up fish dinners my Mother would order.  Thought it was Burke’s, but they’ve only been in business for 30 years.  Recently asked at Burke’s…it was Steve’s.

What was the name of that store that sold Lemon Chiffon Ice Cream?  I think it was Curtis Farms in Wollaston.  Barry’s Deli was around then, but I don’t remember it much from those days.  I remember going to the Wollaston Theater.  Brigham’s (which is still there across the street), I remember for their ice cream sundaes.

I didn’t actually go into the Alumni Café until after High School, but it was “the” destination after football games.  Sadly, the Alumni closed; it was one of the worst days of my husband’s life:  no more Alumni pizzas.

What about the stores in Quincy Square:  Jason’s, Sheridan’s, Cumming’s, Bell Shops and Lerner’s?  Some of my best memories were going to Remick’s at Christmastime to look at their window displays and the beautiful decorations and gifts.  And, of course,

Woolworth’s.  Ever step into that booth with a friend to get your pictures taken?

And then there was the Bargain Center with their three day sales:  long, long lines outside for 'back to school' and Easter shoes.  The shoes were all on tables and tied together with plastic and that was how you tried them on.  They weren't supposed to be separated.  I remember some of the clothes downstairs coming from fire sales and they were still wet.  I hated that store. 

Remember buying roasted peanuts at Sears or going to Jordan Marsh for their blueberry muffins?   Probably not while we were in high school, though.

I loved going to the Villa Rosa (still there) to get pizza and an antipasto.  And that brings to mind going to the A & W Root Beer Stand or Eddie’s Diner for hot chocolate after ice skating.

Heading down to the Southern Artery to the Prince of Pizza (Leaning Tower of) Morey Pearl’s, 7 E’s and especially the Drive In, which I think was Ho Jo’s.  Eating the mac ‘n cheese and clam strips at Ho Jo’s.  And my favorite ice cream at the time:  peppermint stick.

I remember the Roman Gardens with its linoleum floors and kitchen tables.  Emma ran/owned the place and kept ice cube trays in a broken ice machine.  The “old Lady” (maybe Emma’s Mother) swept under your table while you were eating.

Did you go to the BC High dances Friday night?  “Leave room for the Holy Ghost!”

These are my memories, although they may be faulty 50+ years later.  What do you remember?