Contacting Other Classes

To access North Quincy High School websites for 1961, 62 and 63, click on the yearbook below. 

Although you can access a list of classmates (Classmate Profiles Site) for '63 and '62, there isn't any way to connect with classmates from those years directly or through our website.

However, for 1963, if you want to connect with someone, send a message via the "Contact Us" section of their website about who you want to reach out to.  The site administrator will send them an individual message with your contact information.

Or, if you want, your contact information can be put on their Message Forum so that any of their classmates can reach out to you.  Remember, their Message Forum (like ours) is private and cannot be viewed by anyone who is not a classmate of that year. 

The class of '62 hasn't agreed to help out, but if you want to give it a try anyway...

The site for the class of 1961 has a list of classmates, but I wouldn't contact their site administrator; it doesn't appear that he has any involvment with the class at present.