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06/14/21 01:59 PM #824    


George S. Gale

A quick note of thanks for the birthday wishes....They were very much

06/16/21 06:19 PM #825    


Sandra Leach (Volpe)

It was great to get together with these wonderful woman today.  No masks and we were able to hug.  Thank  you to Paula for organizing this.  It felt so good to be with all of you!!!!

06/17/21 10:27 AM #826    

Janice Nolan (Zellen)

It was wonderful to see everyone after such a long time!  We did not catch up on everything, so we will just have to meet again soon. 


06/17/21 01:22 PM #827    

Jeanne Santoro (Murray)

Sorry I couldn't attend yesterday's luncheon.   Everyone looks great; healthy and happy!   Hope to be at the next one.    (I noticed the men's group has a larger attendance.  Is that because we have busier lives, ie more responsibilities?  Just sayin'.)

06/19/21 08:56 AM #828    

Elaine Cedrone (Egan)

Great photo! See youall at the next get-together.😊

06/20/21 07:42 AM #829    


Gary A. DeCoste

You all look great!


08/08/21 03:12 PM #830    


Robert Rantuccio

All my yesterdays.  I recently turned 75 as a lot of my classmates. Yikes! That's 3/4 of a century.         When discussing that with a friend, he asked if I would want to live my life over. I said only if I could know then what I know now. Otherwise no.      However there are certain days I would like to repeat. Good times and events (Holidays, weddings, etc) with friends and relatives. Many whom no longer are alive.    Also I think of several choices I made over the years and wonder what would have happened if I went the other way. Two choices were in turning down job offers to take another position. But you can only go back in time through memories.                                               

08/10/21 09:26 AM #831    


Rosemary Palm (Boyer)

Robert, I really enjoyed what you wrote.  I understand your feelings about memories.  I think many of our classmates feel similarly.  Well done!


08/10/21 09:32 AM #832    


Diane T Mulcahy (Malmgren)

My husband,, who grew up in Squantum, was recently given a book by a neighbor entitled Squantum Massachusetts by Rachel Bloom.  He's absolutely amazed with the memories about people and places he rememberrs.  Recommends it highly to anyone who grew up in Squantum.

This 300 page book describes the evolution of Squantum, Massachusetts, from its days as remote farmland, then peaceful vacation resort, to its current status as a residential neighborhood. Includes 50+ photos.

It costs $30, and can be purchased from Lulu.  Here is their website:

Squantum, Massachusetts (

If you life nearby, I believe you can purchase a copy at Stamos Real Estate office in Squantum.

Rachel Bloom is a rresident of Squantum, and has held positions as a teacher and assistant principal in Quincy schools.  She is currently working on a history of the Squantum School.

08/11/21 12:59 PM #833    


Linda A. Pratt (Ward)

Diane, thank you so much for posting the info about the history of Squantum!  I too grew up there

and am so excited to receive the book, which I ordered from Lulu.  I would also like to thank you

for the wonderful job you do with our NQHS, class of '64 website. I enjoy reading the posts and seeing 

the photos of former classmates. Keep up the great work!!  

Linda Pratt Ward

08/11/21 03:34 PM #834    


Thomas Burns

Diane,  wasn't it Dave who introduced Squanto to Myles Standish?? devil

08/19/21 09:40 AM #835    


Virginia Garland

Squantum! Growing up together with classmates Ginny Garland (left) and Linda Pratt (right), and Ginny's faithful dog "Honey." Found this picture after Diane's helpful post about the new book on the history of Squantum.  Would love to see photos of other classmates growing up together in parts of North Quincy. Have a great rest of the summer.

08/20/21 11:15 AM #836    


Linda Perry (Cibotti)

Great picture Ginny :)

08/20/21 04:10 PM #837    


Rosemary Palm (Boyer)

So nice to see a slice of nostalgia, Ginny!

08/20/21 05:44 PM #838    


Linda M. Thornell (Wainwright)

So cute, Ginny!  Miss you, and hope your summer has been a good one!  😻

08/21/21 08:01 AM #839    


Diane T Mulcahy (Malmgren)

What a great picture, Ginny.  Can't believe you still have this.  Hope you're enjoying the summer.

08/21/21 12:38 PM #840    


Robert Rantuccio

Who could have predicted that so far the Boston area would be hit with 2 hurricans (Fred and Henri) and  that in the Miami area, where I live, have had none. Hope things go well for my classmates in the Boston area and stay safe.

08/25/21 08:23 AM #841    


Robert Rantuccio

As long as we're showing old photos, here is one from April 1956. Four of the seven are classmates, one is married to a classmate.  TOP ROW: Leo McKiernan, James Connolly, Bob Rantuccio, Bill Malley who is married to Laraine Dahlroos, BOTTOM ROW: Francis McKiernan, Marty Curry, James Rantuccio. Sorry for the quality of photo but time does things.



08/26/21 12:44 PM #842    


Paula Kelly (Mazzone)

Love seeing the old photos, thanks Bob

08/27/21 02:15 PM #843    


Virginia Garland

Bob, thanks for sharing such a cheerful photo of you and other classmates in Cub Scout uniforms...

Good to know we were young once & Hope our classmates keep the photos coming!

09/02/21 09:44 AM #844    


Diane T Mulcahy (Malmgren)

Been some terrible weather; hope you're all doing ok.  

Well, summer is over, and I hope the hot weater is, too.  Looking forward to football season. Go Pats!  And Go Bucs!  Don't get very many Pats games on TV in FLA, so we got hooked on watching the Bucs last year, especially with Tom Brady playing.

Also looking forward to watching Survivor after an absence of 2 years.  I've been watching this game since it started 19 years ago.  I've also been running a pool since the first year.  If anyone is interested in joining, please message me, and I'll give you more info.  (A few of our classmates already are in the pool.)  

09/06/21 06:30 PM #845    

Jean M. Morrill (DeSchamp)

Paul & I  are also living in FL and we watch all the Bucs games since Brady arrived..  We also watch all the Pats, hooked up to our sons TV in MA through sling box. The best of 2 worlds

09/11/21 08:41 AM #846    


Diane T Mulcahy (Malmgren)

Exciting first game of NFL season on Thursday night, Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Dallas Cowboys, and Bucs won with a field goal by Brady in the final seconds.  Looking forward to Sunday's game with the Patriots new quaterback, Mac Jones.  And  can't wait to see Patriots play the Bucs on October 3.

09/11/21 10:21 AM #847    


Diane T Mulcahy (Malmgren)

This morning I saw a story on the internet about a woman in the check-out line at the grocery store who realized she didn't have enough money to pay for her purchases.  The woman in line behind her paid for her groceries.  The title of the article was "A Ramdom Act of Kindness".

That made me think of what happened to me yesterday.

I left the Stop & Shop and started to put my groceries in the back of my car.  I was aggravated because half of the bags were too heavy and the rest vey light.  And cans on top of peaches and bread; packages of food that were stuffed in sideways that should have been laid flat.  So, I spent a few minutes rearranging the groceries.

When I got into my car, I noticed an envelop stuck into my windshield wipers.  I assumed it was an advertisement of some sort.  I'm not ususally a litterbug, but I was annoyed, and my first reaction was to pull it out and throw it on the ground.  After all, the Stop & Shop shouldn't allow people to put leaflets on the cars.  I looked around, but didn't see anything on any of the other cars in the lot.  I also didn't see anyone hanging around.  So I got out of the car and grabbed the envelope.

On it was written the word "Enjoy".  Ok, an ad, coupon or (ha, ha) a gift certificate.  Inside the envelope was a letter with the following message:

Hello Stranger,


You've just been gifted with a Random Act of Kindness.

You are wonderful, smart and kind.  Your are made to do amazing things.  Don't let anyone tell you different.  Be Yourself!!  Be unique.  Be bold and you will change the world for the better.  Always express love.  And fogive people when they have bad days.  (Do  you think he was watching me?)

And remember to forggive and love yourself as well.

The world needs more people like you!!

I hope you enjoy this random act to kindness on me.

Keep smiling and enjoy your life to the fulllest!!

Jim Norcott

 Well, thanks, Jim.  You made my day bettter!


09/12/21 10:12 AM #848    


William W. Curran

"Hi Di, I have had different but similar experiences, 

I was in the drive thru lane at Starbucks and when I paid the Barista said no charge the women in the car ahead of you paid and said to have a nice day, I was confused and said I rather pay myself and said give to the car behind me instead - when I drove passed the gifter I beep and waved I never understood that one

couple weeks later I noticed a women I know from the PO I go to behind me at Starbucks with several kids I paid her tab she thxed me next time I was in The PO very grateful 

another time I was in the supermarket line a young women with kids was arguing with the cashier and they were taking items out of her bags as her credit card wouldn't  pay  I stepped in and said put all items back in the bags I will pay and I did she was embarrassed but grateful

Now to be honest I wasn't being altruistic at all I was in a hurry and didn't like having to wait I didn't say that I just smiled and said no problem

my last car was a Jeep GW, I came out of the store and on my windshield was a small rubber ducky and a note "I love your car, You've been Ducked" with a phone number, and two women were watching from a out side table laughing I waved and drove off, my wife suggest I pass it on to Mike a single guy we're friends with so I did when he wasn't looking

So the moral is all that Glitters Is Not Gold and not all Pass it Forwards are for the same reason,  So it's best to be aware and not totally gullible.  Although Mike was honestly greatful when he told me the story that I pretended not to know about

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