Privacy Concerns

Every user has individual privacy controls.

All contact information (addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) you enter into this website will be kept confidential.  They will not be shared or distributed.  Your contact information is private and cannot be seen by other classmates unless you grant permission on your profile page.  When someone clicks on your name the only information they will see is your city and state and whatever information you choose to put on your profile:  your occupation, birthday, military service, spouse/partner, children and comments about what you’ve been up to.

Your e-mail address is not visible to anyone but me, the Site Administrator, Diane (Mulcahy) Malmgren.  You will receive e-mail messages from me about site changes or major announcements, unless you select the unsubscribe link on my e-mails to you.  (If you inadvertently unsubscribe, I can re-add you to my mailing list.)

The option Notify Me site under MEMBER FUNCTIONS on the left offers a convenient way of keeping up with what's happening with classmates, and on the site. You get to decide what (if any) messages you want to receive and how often.  Whenever an option you have set to "Immediate" generates an email, any others set to "Once Daily" will also be sent at that time.  This helps reduce the volume of emails you receive.

In order to keep messages to a minimum, I deactivate the "Notify Everyone" feature when I make routine or minor changes to the site, but sometimes I forget, so bear with me.

Class Creator, the online system we are using, is a personal, private web site solely for the use of our classmates.  The only person they e-mail is me, the Site Administrator, unless you grant them permission to e-mail you directly regarding bug fixes, new software releases, etc.

They do not rent, sell or profit from classmates names or personal information.  And only classmates who are signed in can view profiles or the Message Forum.

You will not be annoyed with spam or advertisements for products.  Membership to this website is free for you!  It was paid for by donations from your classmates.

If you are signed onto the site and restricted your profile to only fellow classmates, and then use a search engine to see if the privacy options above are working, it will appear that they are not.  This is because you are signed onto the site.  Log out and check again; you’ll see that none of your profile information is viewable by non members.


The "cookie scare" of the late 1990s was largely based on misconceptions that cookies stored on your computer's hard drive somehow violated privacy.  Erroneous information regarding cookies has long since been corrected, and cookies are a common programming practice used today by some of the Internet's largest web sites.  Class Creators does use cookies to keep members logged in, which is common with systems like this. There is nothing Class Creator does with cookies that will in any way jeopardize your privacy, store personal information about you, or submit your personal information to other web sites.